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Professional CNG Conversions

Clyde's has been quietly involved with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) since 2008 and with the recent fueling infastructure growth in Oklahoma and the surronding areas we are now ready to perform conversions to CNG.

If you are sick of the high price of Gasoline that always seems to be increasing and our dependence on forien oil then we have the solution. We can convert your exsisting vehicle into a bi-fuel CNG/Gasoline hybrid and save you a lot of money in fuel expenses.

Through our partnership with Landi Renzo we are able to convert new factory vehicles that maintain all factory warranty. As an authorized vehicle modifier the dealer will also warranty any aspect of the CNG system we install. We are able to complete these EPA and factory certified systems on various vehicles including Ford truck, Chevrolet trucks and Isuzu. Don't order one from the dealer! We can convert the one you buy from the lot and take care of any issues you have right here all while maintaining your factory warranty!

If you already have a vehicle that runs on CNG we can maintain all aspects of the vehicle. We are a CSA certified shop and as such can perform CNG tank and fuel system inspections that range in required intervals from 3 years/36,000 miles to every 5 years.

We cover all of Oklahoma including the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas. We also can do conversions for vehicle owners from the Texas and Arkansas areas including Dallas and Little Rock. We can perform conversions on Gasoline or Diesel engines.